General Inquiries

Inspirit Designs gift cards are available in any denominations. Gift cards are currently only emailed to your recipient. If you are purchasing a gift card, you must use PayPal, credit card or direct debit to complete your order. To redeem a gift card, select a gift and begin the ordering process. You will be asked for your card number at the beginning of the checkout process. When you see a box marked "Gift Card," Simply enter your gift card code, and when you're finished, click the Process Order button. The amount of the card will then be deducted from your final order total.

Yes, all Inspirit Designs products come packaged and a card with a message relating to the jewel is placed inside. All the items from the luxury line come with the Joy card.

Please contact +61 (2) 9371 3924for a reatiler in your area.

Payment options

Inspirit Designs accepts American Express, VISA, MasterCard credit cards and PayPal. We also accept ATM cards with a VISA or MasterCard logo. We do accept direct debits to our account. We do not accept cash, cheques or CODs. Gift Card Users: In order to redeem your gift card through our website please ensure the gift card balance covers the product, shipping and tax for your order. Transactions will be declined where the total charges exceed the credit limit on the gift card and do not cover your total at checkout.

Retail prices are inclusive of GST, wholesale prices incure 10% GST

We encourage you to order online for the fastest possible service, but please feel free to call in your order. Call us at +61 (0) 417 0 09 965

Inspirit Designs ship to most destinations in Australia. Deliveries within Australia will take 5-7 working days. If there is no one to sign for your delivery, a card will be left advising where the item can be collected usually your nominated post office


All packages within Australia: $10 Gift cards within Australia: $5

International Customers - Please read carefully, as the shipping, return, fees and other order polices may differ for International orders. All policies pertaining to International orders are listed below. International customers, you must use PayPal to complete your order.

Countries Currently available on Inspirit Designs website:

Australia Austria Belgium Belize Canada Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Greenland Iceland Ireland Italy Japan Luxembourg Mexico Netherlands New Zeeland Norway Portugal Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom Taiwan

*Shipping policies

Please be aware that orders shipped outside the Australia may be subject to local customs fees or duties. Every country has different procedures and fees for incoming packages. Inspirit Designs does not have information on customs or duties, and we are not able to estimate these charges. Please check with the proper local authorities before placing your purchase. Inspirit Designs is not responsible for non-paid import taxes, nor will this issue any refunds or exchanges for deliveries that have been refused for non-payment of import taxes. The shipping times for International orders will vary by country. Inspirit Designs can not guarantee delivery dates on International Orders. Estimated USPS Global Express Mail delivery time: 4 - 6 Days Estimated USPS Global Priority Mail delivery time: 6 - 10 days

PLEASE NOTE International orders can potentially become delayed in Customs beyond 10 days. If it's been over 20 days and your order has not yet arrived, please contact Customer Service. If you are receiving an error message stating "one or more of the required fields are not filled out correctly" during checkout, it is most likely because you need to fill out the "other state/province" field. If you need assistance determining your state/province/territory, please contact customer service and we will be more than happy to help. Refund Policy There are no refunds or exchanges for all International orders, so please review your order carefully. If you receive a defective item, please contact Customer Service.

If you receive a defective item please contact Customer Service immediately and we will replace the item.

If your order didn't go through the first time, please carefully read the error message. Please do not click "submit" more than once if you're uncertain if your order has been processed. Contact Customer Service and tell us what your errors message says and we will help figure out what has occurred during your order processing.

We're sorry, but because of insufficient funds, your transaction was declined. I know - we've never heard that one before, either. You should either try using another credit card or call the credit card company in question. (Cross your fingers beforehand.)

These are the last three digits that can be found on the back of your Visa or Mastercard. For you Amex holders, it's the four digits located on the front of the card. If you're not sure, or the numbers are faded from all that shopping, please contact your credit card company before placing your order.

Before checking out, make sure to double-check the information you entered is as accurate - especially your email address. If you have successfully placed a purchase, your checkout page will give you an order reference number, and you will immediately be sent a confirmation email receipt with your order information. Your email confirmation receipt will have the amount that was deducted from your credit card. If you have placed multiple orders, you will receive a confirmation email for each individual order successfully placed. Contact Customer Service if you have any questions.

If the little beauty you want is not in stock, you need to sign up on our waiting list. We will send you a notification email the minute that particular item is back in stock. For your security purposes in connection with your credit card, we do not take back orders.

Jewelry Care

Keep your jewelry happy! Protect all jewelry from scratches, sharp blows, chemicals, extreme temperatures, and sunlight After each wearing, gently wipe each piece of jewelry clean of make-up and skin oils with a 100% cotton cloth. Store jewelry separately so it doesn't scratch other jewelry! Remove jewelry when doing household tasks such as gardening, cleaning, household repairs or other strenuous activities. Apply make-up and hair spray before putting on your jewelry. Make-up and hair spray contain chemicals that may affect your jewelry. Do not store jewelry next to heating vents, window stills, or in the car. Store jewelry away from sunlight! The sun may fade some gemstones. Do not wear jewelry while in a pool, hot tub, or bathing. The chlorine in the water can damage various gemstones and metals including gold. Always store bead necklaces strung on silk flat because silk stretches over time. Frequent cleaning is recommended to maintain its true beauty. Salt water, chlorine in swimming pools, soap, perfumes, personal products and perspiration take their toll on all fine jewelry. Wipe your jewelry carefully with a soft cloth to keep it clean and enjoy!

Tarnishing is a normal process caused by oxidization and moisture from air and even sunshine. If you store your sterling silver jewelry in open air, you expose it to air and humidity, which can both cause it to tarnish. To reduce tarnishing, we recommend you keep all of your sterling silver jewelry in an air-tight protective bag made from tarnish proof cloth or use a reseal able plastic bag with the black anti-tarnish paper we've provided you. Pearls and opals, however, should be stored in fabric instead of plastic because they need to "BREATHE".

Our exclusive Gold Dipped process begins with a sterling silver base metal, a very thin nickel layer, and the beautiful word or charm is then dipped in 14kt gold. The nickel helps silver and gold bond and become friends. It also helps prevent the gold from wearing off and calling it quits. Over time, Gold Dipped jewelry can potentially wear.

Rose Gold is an alloy of pure yellow gold with a high percentage of copper, giving it a rose or pink hue. It has a very subtle and delicate color that may intensify somewhat with age due to a slight, but attractive, tarnishing of the copper.

Oxidization is the unique process where silver or gold is dipped in a liquid solution that darkens the color of the metal giving it a less "sparkly" finish. It gives off a vintage, antique feel.

Rhodium is a precious metal, it is hypoallergenic, and a member of the Platinum family. It is applied over sterling silver or other metal alloys to give a shiny, long lasting charcoal colored finish. Over time, rhodium plating may wear. *Do not use any chemical cleaners, toothpaste/toothbrush, sonic cleaners, silver dips, or ammonia-based products.

Avoid rubbing your jewelry against surfaces. Just use a little lukewarm water. Following these tips will help you to keep your rhodium-plated jewelry bright and vibrant!

Leather is not intended to get wet. Its true nemesis is water - it makes it discolor and age before its time your leather will remain strong beautiful and colorful if kept clean and dry. Treat it like the dainty treasure it is. Due to the natural properties of leather no two pieces will be alike. Grain and color variation may occur.