About Inspirit Designs

“Life is a journey of spiritual exploration and growth.  We are all searching for well-being, for meaning, purpose, fulfilment, health and happiness.  For life to be good, we need to feel appreciated.  We need to love and to be loved and we need to start by learning to love ourselves."

Inspirit Designs are accessories that are inspired by the hip, casual Australian lifestyle.  Embodying the personal style and spirit of its founder and designer Toni-Lee Selby, the jewels provide attainable luxury accessories which can be bought for oneself or given as a gift in the spirit of love and good wishes.

In 1998, driven by her passion for fashion, Toni-Lee started designing trendy hip jewellery using semi -precious stones, sterling silver and beads.  It was after spending years creating beautiful designs that brought pleasure to those who wore them, that Toni realised that making people look beautiful was no longer enough.  She needed to inspire people to reach their individual truth and their greatest potential and to help them awaken their passions.  Toni realised that she could do this through her jewellery by designing pieces that were both healing and uplifting as well as by incorporating crystals and amulets.  Each piece also provides a message of enlightenment.

“Inspirit is defined as infusing spirit into one’s life.  My jewels are designed to do this; to inspire, enlighten and uplift and passing these messages from one person to another helps to create a positive shift in values on this planet.  Making a better world for all of us.  We all want to make a difference, to know our life has been worthwhile.  On my lifelong journey of spiritual exploration and growth, I have realised how much pleasure I get from adorning beautiful jewels; if that jewel is symbolic and meaningful to me or if the jewel could help me be conscious of my own growth, spirituality and soul, so I gain even more pleasure.  I hope that my jewellery can do the same for my customers."